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About raw materials



Flat-reared natural eggs

What is a flat-reared natural egg?

The chickens roam freely in the poultry house and lay their eggs wherever they like. Look for them one by one every morning, pack them in a basket, polish the eggs cleanly, and pack them in a box ...

In the old days, everyone used to get eggs like this.

Chickens are not part of the factory, and eggs are not industrial products ...

The relationship between chickens and eggs that seems to be known but not known, and the relationship with humans. Imagine for a moment.


Merle pudding, pictoria cake

We use eggs laid by chickens carefully raised in Higashikawa, a town next to Biei, at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu.

Eggs are a blessing from heaven and a food that feed comes out as is.

Farm Rera, the parent of the chickens, is also a rice farmer. Eat the rice, vegetables from nearby farmers, wheat, and fish from the fishing grounds in northern Hokkaido, which are closely related to Rera.

The chickens that Rera carefully raised seem to be very energetic and happy.


For other cakes and baked goods

We use eggs from farm Arumu in Kitashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-shi, in northern Hokkaido.

It has a rich flavor that you can feel the flavor of vegetables, and it has a different flavor from Rera-san. I ate a lot of pumpkin silage that was carefully raised by Arumu-san, and the yolk color is dark even in winter. It is likened to a dandelion flower.

I always have a pleasant letter, and the chickens are growing up quickly. I am looking forward to it.


Hokkaido butter, wheat, sugar beet

The flour used is from organic farmers in Hokkaido, mainly Haruyutaka and Kitahonami from Kamifurano Konosha camiflag. Whole grain flour is homemade using organic and pesticide-free products.

We purchase sugar beet sugar with good aroma quality. It's expensive, but it's irreplaceable.

The butter uses fermented butter from Yotsuba.


You can get the main ingredients in Hokkaido. You will notice that you are making sweets in a very reasonable place.


Pasteurized milk of grazing cows, fresh cream, sour cream

Biei Town is also adjacent to Asahikawa City.

Creamery Nomu, who is close to MERLE, is located in Asahikawa's Kamiubun.

Dairy products made from the milk of cows who live like a family on a small ranch.


Creamery Nomu is a ranch that thinks and practices [animal welfare] (livestock welfare) that is kind to livestock and people.


I go to the ranch every week to buy milk. I was happy to meet a producer who could share what I cherish, but I am also happy to see a happy cow.

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