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MERLE Confectionery Class Recruiting students (No new recruitment in 2018)


Meruru holds a confectionery class from November to May.

You can take classes one by one, so feel free to try it.


The lesson fee includes material cost, original set, takeaway, and tasting.

It is 4000 yen each time.

The place is Meruru's workshop or salon.


The beginner's course is a course to learn the basics of French sweets. We recommend that you take all the lessons rather than one lesson at a time.

The intermediate course is a course that deepens what you have learned and makes sweets from around the world and rare sweets. Those who have made sweets are eligible.


The schedule is as follows.


Please apply and contact us from SCHOOL's "Classroom Application Form" on facebook or the menu on this homepage.

It's at the bottom of the page you're looking at.

We will send you a return email.


There are also one-off courses several times a year.


If you do not receive a return email after a while, please apply again.

Please note that your e-mail settings may be rejected or the address may be incorrect.


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