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Hokkaido is the hill town of Biei.

The town, which is about the same size as the 24th district of Tokyo, has various faces.

The landscape woven by the hill fields is called the patchwork hill, and it is a popular spot as a location for commercials, dramas, and movies.

A field of red wheat that is dyed red in the setting sun.

Sunflowers planted as green manure.

Impressive trees scattered in the fields.

"Blue Pond" used in the background picture of Apple's Mac.

Tokachidake that erupts and the Tokachi mountain range.

The Blue River, upstream of the Biei River, shines beautifully with the blue pond.

At night, the Milky Way and the stars in the sky.

Nearby nature, flora and fauna.

Rime and diamond dust created by the harsh cold.

Biking, trekking, snowshoeing, skiing.





We, who were attracted to this place, opened in a small forest on the outskirts of the hill.

It is a small confectionery shop with a tea room.


Focusing on old French sweets, carefully examining the ingredients, without using additives,

I spare no effort to make it.

The "Veggie Line" series of sweets made without using refined sugar or animal foods was created with the hope that many people will enjoy it.


In the garden where squirrels and small birds gatherWe are planting more than 500 species of plants.

On the path where you can take a walk

You may also meet squirrels, butterflies and bees.

It would be great if you could feel the changes of the four seasons.



We are waiting for you with delicious tea and coffee.

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