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The cookie part uses whole grain Eincorn powder and green banana powder, and has a fiber-rich, low-carbohydrate finish. The chocolate is smooth with a raw chocolate finish.

It is a special product of Meruru.

No sugar is used, and dietary fiber makes your stomach refreshed. It is a delicious and healthy sweet.


* Green banana powder is a resistant starch that is gentle on the stomach when nutrients reach the large intestine and is expected to have health benefits.

* Eincorn is the original wheat, has a good flavor, and contains almost no gluten. Since it is a rare species, it is rarely distributed.


Ingredients: Coconut cream, Pata cacao, cacao powder, butter, erythritol, green banana powder, MTC oil, ein corn, Luo Han Guo, almond powder, egg white, salt






Rocabo (low-carbohydrate) chocolate tart

  • After firing, it is delivered by quick freezing. We have devised a way to stabilize the quality so that anyone can enjoy it deliciously.

    Arrival will be the day after the shipping date in Hokkaido and the day after the shipping date in Honshu. In the case of Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa, it may take another 2 to 4 days.

    In addition, it takes up to 6 hours to thaw frozen sweets.

    It introduces the details of defrosting deliciously and has been well received.

    * Important * If you purchase products with different delivery dates, or if you deliver more than one place, please pay for each order.

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